TVspell and the news!

Almost one year ago (on April’s fool day), one single statement, made by the CEO of newly revealed company, disrupted the video compression community.
Unfortunately the only proof of this statement was a blurry video clip showing numbers (video stream speed that is) on the screen of a mobile device.

Since WE@VideoSpell are not part of any claiming business, we are not afraid to show what is possible with our bEncoder product in front of the wide public.

Testing with one regional ISP and with one of the largest mobile operators, last week we were asked to prepare a high #Quality Full HD / 1080p stream using sub SD speed, and we did it.
The bEncoding speed we used was just 1.9Mbps, so way below 2.5-3Mbps - considered as a standard for quality H.264 SD (PAL D1 resolution) streams.

Few days ago, we faced another question: ”Can you prepare a stable video stream (aimed for GSM mobile phones) which has to be delivered through 2G network data speed at most, as no one else currently can do it?”

So not only we were able to respond to this requirement, but we even prepared a mobile stream with a speed lower than what others use, just for the audio!

It sound insane, but we were able to put 360p mobile stream (together with the audio) in just 0.1Mbps
It is worth mentioning that the #Quality is more than enough to read the subtitles!!!

The place – as usual the only place on earth where high #Quality & low #Live streams exist – -> Demo

Indeed we changed the video compression curve, but we do it with real life examples rather than with “colorful”&fluffy  claims...

Enjoy watching!

P.S. Almost forgot to mention that as always we keep it compliant to the standard - AVC or HEVC depending from the requirement!


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