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The “deeply hidden" idea behind this project, completely owned by Video Spell Ltd, is to show to the public (you guys) what is achievable with our future proof technology and how you can deliver your video content to every single IP enabled location.

As usual, we bring to your attention the highest possible optimization in the Live video compression algorithm known up to date on a global scale – bLive

Our solution, with unique capabilities, is designed to serve everyone connected with the multimedia video content processing and delivery – Live streams, VOD, PPV, IPTV, ...

Everyone who uses our products and services, started to decode the abbreviation IPTV as Internet Provided TeleVision.

When we say that we present the “the highest possible optimization” and posses “unique capabilities” we mean that our streams are compliant to the standards ITU/ISO (MPEG-4 AVC or H264) and even the next one HEVC/H265.

This is why we were able to innovate the UHD & 4K video compression future!

Just visit our Demo section and Enjoy :-)